Jill Shaw



Jill Shaw (24), singer-songwriter based in Ghent, first conquered the air waves with the much appraised single ‘Summer Sucks’, which in no time became the earworm of 2012. Later that year she released a follow up single. The 2013 track ‘All For You’ further introduces her as up-and-coming artist.


In the meantime, Jill finishes high school and decides to study jazz at the JAZZ-POP& SOUL studio in Antwerp. She travels a lot and meets many artists, musicians and producers who help to develop her musical talent. 


In 2016, Jill releases ‘Let The Right One In’ as prelude to ‘Dark Paradise’. This 5-track EP is written in close collaboration with John Roan, well known for his work with Belgium’s coolest live band, Arsenal. ‘Let The Right One In’ propels Shaw into a fresh start and into the exploration of a musical realm full of carefree summer vibes, surf and a dash of hippie psychedelics. Promotion for the EP continues with the release of second single ‘Fantasy’. 


The music gets critical acclaim and it’s clear that the experience has lifted Jill to a new musical level. In the summer of 2016, Jill Shaw and her live band tour several festivals, gaining popularity with a growing enthusiastic audience.


It’s studio time early 2017, as she writes a new chapter with, among others, respected Belgian producer/musician David Poltrock. From the resulting 5 new tracks, ‘Game’ is selected as first single released January 2018. The pop-electro sound of the catchy songs perfectly Jill’s newfound style and stands prove of the clear evolution in her musical journey. The summer vibes of 'vanilla' make a perfect follow-up single in june. for this track, jill worked again with wouter vander veken, who previously produced 'summer sucks'.


Music aside, Jill Shaw is a fanatic of fashion and lifestyle. She is sportive, has a travel bug and loves healthy food. These are also recurring themes on her popular social media channels.Go have a look!